Self-pay or use insurance for your home sleep test?

If you don’t have health insurance, then it’s simple—you’ll need to pay for your home sleep test yourself. That’s why we offer one of the most competitively priced tests available—just $349 (order here).

Even with health insurance, in some situations people choose to pay for their home sleep test directly, themselves. If your deductible is greater than the $349 self-pay price of our test and you’ve yet to exceed the deductible, it’s likely you’ll end up paying for the test yourself anyway.

Your out-of-pocket cost paying directly by yourself could be lower than the price if you run the transaction through insurance. The price insurance companies pay for home sleep tests varies widely. It’s not unusual for our $349 self pay price to be lower than the price offered by your insurance company.

We’re happy to help you determine which route is more affordable. Simply complete the form below and we’ll send you the cash (self-pay) price and the price your insurance company provides. Then you decide which route you want to pursue.

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Lakeland Health Services can connect you with a board-certified sleep physician to order the test and interpret test results.

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