Nobody makes home sleep tests easier, faster or more affordable than Lakeland

Our home sleep test costs only $349

  • Full 20-channel testing devices to measure all important physiological functions
  • In-person set-up and consultation to help ensure a successful test
  • Test results typically available in 48-72 hours
  • Five convenient pick-up locations in the Twin Cities metro, greater MN and western WI
  • We work with your physician or can provide one—with or without health insurance

Home sleep tests for patients who intend to pay for the test directly, themselves.

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Lakeland Health Services can connect you with a board-certified sleep physician to order the test and interpret test results.

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Or call 763-354-7643 to set up your test with one of our sleep test experts.

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Nobody makes home sleep tests easier or faster than Lakeland. See how the home sleep test process works

All sleep tests are not created equal. Make sure you use a test that will deliver the information your sleep physician will need. Types of Sleep Tests

Friendly and helpful in-person test setup so you can be assured everything will go smoothly. About Lakeland

“Shawn is outstanding! The best person I’ve ever had to be a patient for in all of health care. He’s knowledgeable, professional, caring. Makes it fun!”

“It was a very pleasant experience in as private environment as possible. I was surprised how Eugene made me feel so comfortable and took the time to explain everything so well. Thank you.”

“Excellent service and treatment. I felt well taken care of and cared for. I would highly recommend Lakeland Sleep Tests.”