Complete Home Sleep Test

20 channel devices that measure six or more physiological functions.

This is the home sleep test offered by Lakeland and it’s the gold standard in our field. This test is useful for diagnosing sleep apnea. Note, there are less sophisticated home sleep tests available, but they may not be sufficient for the accurate diagnosis of sleep apnea.

>20 channel device

In-Lab Sleep Test

This is an overnight test in a dedicated sleep lab. This test is observed by a sleep study technician and is capable of informing the diagnosis of all types of sleep disorders including sleep apnea, narcolepsy, PLM, and more.

This test measures up to 20 physiological functions in checking oximetry, air flow, respiratory effort, EKG, limb and eye movements, and EEG.

Lakeland is the in-lab sleep test leader with 4 labs and 17 years of experience.

in-lab overnight sleep test